What is Longs Peak’s mission and vision?

We strive to work with everyone to embody quality, comprehensive, timely, personalized health, wellness, and sports medicine care. Longs Peak Mission


How do I join DPC?

In an effort to provide the best care possible we can only accept a manageable number of members into the Longs Peak Direct Care program. You may request an application for DPC by sending us an email addressed to DPC or use our online form.  Membership enrollment is open, pending room in the program. If you have any other enrollment-related questions please send us an email addressed to DPC, use our online form, or call our membership team (Vickie, Karen, and Tanya) at 303-772-5578.


Do you recommend having an insurance plan for my other healthcare needs?

Yes. Although Direct Primary Care models can frequently address 80-90% of your medical needs, they don’t cover the cost of specialists, other health professionals, hospitalizations, emergency room and urgent care visits, and other high cost traditional medical expenses and procedures that fall outside the scope of Longs Peak Family Practice and Sports Medicine.


Do you work with businesses?

Yes. We can work with business to help navigate healthcare costs by increasing the value and quality of care for employees while reducing costs for businesses.

Please call our membership team (Vickie, Karen, and Tanya) at 303-772-5578 with any questions or to set up a meeting.

We recommend watching this video:
Direct Primary Care for Business


How do I get in touch with a physician after hours?

The providers at Longs Peak share after hours call. Simply call our office at 303-772-5578 to reach our paging service and our on- call provider will call you back within 15 minutes.

Do I have to pay a fee for my office visits?

No. Your membership covers all of your routine office visits and all the services listed here.

There are no copays. The only time you will have to pay a fee is if you need more specific, unique (Excluded) discounted services. You will also be responsible for fees for services from outside institutions, such as discounted lab and outside medical imaging, which we will make you aware of. If you have traditional insurance, health fees for outside services and consultations may be covered by your insurance, depending on your policy.

How do I schedule alternative visits with Longs Peak Direct Primary Care, such as Video Chat or Telephone Chat?

There are 3 ways to schedule alternative visits.

1. Simply call our office at 303-772-5578,

2. Access our Telehealth Appointment button Schedule a Telehealth Appointment

3. Fill out the Online Telehealth Appointment form below with your request,

    Please note:

    • We have a “Virtual Front Desk” team available from 8-4 M-F and Sat 9-11 to address emails and voice message as we receive them, and we will have enough staff available to meet evolving needs.
    • Please page the physician on call if you have same-day needs after 4 pm if the office-closes to in-person visits. Requests for Telehealth visits coming in after 4 pm M-F will be handled the following morning.
    • We have our full team of providers scheduling Telehealth Visits during normal office hours and after hours as needed (page after hours because Virtual Front Desk will close after hours).
    • You will be contacted by our staff about an appointment in the following order:
      • Phone Call
      • Email and Text Message (simultaneous)
      • *Please respond ASAP

    Do you offer medications?

    We will work with you closely to explore the most affordable medications to meet your needs. We have software and apps that help us guide you to the most reliable and affordable options available. We offer certain in-house medications such as emergency Toradol injections (for severe pain and headaches), testosterone injections (if you have a deficiency), and corticosteroid injections for joints, tendons and bursitis that we either don’t charge for or significantly discount for DPC members.

    What if I have traditional health insurance?

    You can still join DPC, unless the insurance is Medicare, Medicaid, or other government insurance program (government regulations prevent us from offering you DC if we accept traditional Medicare and Medicaid insurance). Traditional health insurance usually covers things like outside testing, referrals to specialists, emergency room and urgent care needs, and hospitalizations you may require. If you are part of DPC, we DO NOT bill your insurance company and YOU CANNOT SUBMIT ANY CLAIM from us unless it is an excluded service, such as childhood vaccines (see Exhibit A in Membership Agreement for details). Your DPC membership covers the services we have outlined at our practice and you are agreeing you WILL NOT use traditional insurance for any membership services provided by our practice through the DPC program.

    Can I use my Health Savings Account to pay for my Direct Care membership?

    Not currently. Check with your plan administrator and/or accountant to determine your benefit eligibility and coverage as changes may occur.

    Is Direct Primary Care the same as Concierge Medicine?

    No. Some people describe Direct Primary Care as “concierge care for the masses” but this is inaccurate. Concierge Medicine typically charges a higher-cost membership fee (often for services not covered by insurance), and many concierge models still bill traditional insurance on top of the membership fee. Direct Primary Care embodies the model: best care, best experience, best price. Direct Primary Care is usually lower in cost, covers all the services outlines in the Member Agreement, and traditional insurance is not billed. Most traditional concierge medicine physicians continue to accept insurance plans and government programs, and patient visits are frequently billed and handled in the traditional manner, with copays, prior authorizations, in-network referrals, etc. Some concierge practice simply charge an annual fee to see a specific physician, and nothing else in the traditional model changes. Most Direct Primary Care models offer monthly memberships, paid monthly, with 30-90 day opt out periods. There are many other potential differences.

    For more information:
    10 Differences Between Concierge Medicine and Direct Primary Care
    Concierge vs Direct Primary Care


    What is special about Direct Primary Care, and why should I simply not stick with the traditional health insurance model?

    The level of personalized, quality, comprehensive care and healthcare access you receive with our Direct Primary Care model combined with an advantageous fee structure and potential cost savings offers an alternative to the higher costs and potential healthcare barriers associated with some traditional high deductible insurance plans. Folks with traditional, non-high deductible insurance plans may also seek the added benefits and services of direct care. The bottom line is that insurance companies play the “cost shifting” game with patients and physicians – shifting more and more healthcare costs to patients, tightening coverage across the board, and at the same time negotiating discounted reimbursements for physicians. We believe the DPC model is a win-win for patients and physicians, where value and quality are the coin of the realm.


    Direct Primary Care Coalition



    *DPC’s goal is to provide patients/families an option to receive high quality primary AND sports medicine care that is convenient and efficient.  It is NOT health insurance and we are not suggesting you enroll in DPC in lieu of carrying traditional health insurance.


    I am ready to sign up. What do I do now?

    Our DPC Document Access is password protected. Please contact our office for the password to access the agreements. You can send an email addressed to DPC, use our online form, or call our membership team (Vickie, Karen, and Tanya) at 303-772-5578.