Treating the Whole Person
Comprehensive Primary Care and Sports Medicine

What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

Simple. Easy. Affordable. Comprehensive. Portable. Personal. Direct.

The Longs Peak Direct Primary Care Program (DPC Program) is a membership-based program that provides a host of both primary care and sports medicine services for a low monthly fee. The DPC Program provides patients with unlimited phone, email, video chat and in-person visits from 15-45 minutes (schedules permitting). Any labs, medications, and medical devices utilized in your care that are not included in the monthly membership fee are provided in the most economical way possible and are deeply discounted.

If you do not have health insurance, enrolling into the DPC Program can provide you with a host of medical services for about the same cost as a monthly cell phone service. If you do have insurance, especially a high deductible plan, enrolling into the DPC Program can potentially save you money.

Please keep in mind that the DPC Program is not health insurance and does not provide for emergency services, specialist consults or hospitalization. We strongly recommend that you carry health insurance for these medical needs. Patients who are beneficiaries of government funded healthcare programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, Tri-Care/CHAMPVA and Indian Health Services are not permitted to join the LPDPC Program under current federal and state laws.

We recommend watching this video for an overview of Direct Primary Care:
A Health Care Revolution – Direct Care  

What is included in my simple, flat, affordable membership fee?


Appointments. The practice strives to see patients in a timely manner.  For patients with acute issues, the practice will attempt to see patients within 24-48 hours. We also offer weekend Saturday appointments. For after-hours care, the practice utilizes an on-call service that provides access to one of the practice’s providers 24/7, including holidays and weekends.  The practice does not provide walk-in urgent care services unless you call ahead and schedule an acute visit. All appointments will be at the practice’s discretion and scheduling.  Every effort will be made to ensure patients are seen by their medical provider, but there are times, depending on the urgency of the visit, that a patient’s specific provider may not be available.  

Ongoing Primary Care and In-Office Procedures.​ While there are no fees for office or virtual visits associated with the included services, such as well child checks, sports physicals, weight loss management, and acute visits, there are some procedures, medications, vaccinations, and injections that require additional fees to be paid at the time of service and are considered excluded services.  These are detailed below, are listed on our website, and are subject to change. The practice does not perform DOT (Department of Transportation) physicals, workman’s compensation visits, or disability determinations for insurance, social security, or ADA purposes.

Labs. Most laboratory draws are performed on-site and are then sent to outside laboratories, such as Boulder Community Hospital and Quest diagnostics, for evaluation and testing.  These outside laboratory testing services, which are ordered in the most economical manner possible, are an excluded service and the lab will bill the patient directly. We keep a list of economical cash pricing for transparency.

Medications. Medications​ will be ordered in the most cost-effective manner possible for patients. Medications dispensed in the office are excluded services and the cost will be due at the time they are dispensed. Membership in the DPC Program does N​OT guarantee medications will be prescribed or that a certain amount of medications will be provided to patients. Providers will recommend what is medically appropriate for patients.

Pathology. Pathology​ examinations for procedures such as pap smears and skin biopsies are excluded services and will be ordered in the most economical manner possible. Patients will be billed for these services by the outside pathology lab.

Surgery and Specialist Consults. Surgery and outside specialist consults​ are excluded services and will be ordered in a timely and cost-effective manner.  The practice is not part of any larger health system and services outside of the practice are recommended by the practice based on shared goals of good patient experience, quality of care, attention to value, and appropriate access to care.  

Vaccinations. While the practice will administer the vaccination for no additional fee, the cost of the vaccination is an excluded service. The patient can choose to either pay the cost of the vaccination—with no markup, at the time of service, OR, if the patient has traditional insurance (not medical/health sharing plans or out-of-network carrier), can have the practice submit a claim on the patient’s behalf to the patient’s insurance. 

Family Planning. While the practice will provide advice and consult on family planning issues, including placement of IUDs for no additional fee, the cost of contraceptive devices, including IUDs and birth control pills, is an excluded service.  The practice does not provide birth control pills but does supply IUDs for patients with no markup in cost.  The cost of the IUD is due at the time of service and the practice will supply the patient with an invoice for the IUD so that the patient can submit the claim to his or her insurance company for reimbursement.

Vasectomy.  Vasectomies are an excluded service and are provided to the patient at half the normal and customary price.  ($50% of current pricing).  Payment is due at the time of service. If the patient has insurance for which vasectomies are a covered benefit, then the patient may submit a claim for reimbursement.

Hyaluronic injections. The practice will administer the injection for no additional fee, but the cost of the hyaluronic acid, such as Synvisc, Euflexxa, etc. is an excluded service.  The practice will either provide the hyaluronic acid with no markup in cost or will provide the patient with a prescription to obtain hyaluronic acid through a pharmacy. Payment is due at the time of service but if the patient has insurance for which hyaluronic injections are a covered benefit, the patient may submit a claim for reimbursement.  

Examples of Included/Excluded Services

Pricing: Transparent & Honest

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Member Monthly Fee
Individual adult aged eighteen (18) and over $119.00
Additional Adult (Spouse, Documented Domestic Partnerships and Civil Union Couples) $100.00
Child(ren) (below 18 years old) $99.00/each

Pricing: Transparent & Honest

A family of four (Couple + 2 kids) under DPC will cost $417/month which includes all office visits, physicals, well child checks, sports physicals, concussion management, casting and splinting (1 cast/splint normally cost several hundred dollars), and much more.

*DPC’s goal is to provide patients and families an option to receive high quality primary care AND sports medicine that is convenient and efficient.  DPC is NOT health insurance and we are not suggesting you enroll in DPC in lieu of carrying health insurance.

Who Do I call if I have questions?

We have an experienced team of knowledgeable and caring staff at Longs Peak ready to help you with questions. Please call 303-772-5578 and Vickie, Karen, or Tanya can help guide you.