2021 COVID Clinic Info
Comprehensive Primary Care and Sports Medicine

We are now carrying a limited number of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.  We are going to administer these during Saturday COVID vaccine clinics ONLY.  They will NOT be given through lab or regular appointments.

Due to limited supply we are only offering boosters and will follow CDC guidelines in determining who is eligible.  Currently the following people are eligible.

– Anyone 65 and older
– Ages 18-64 who live in long term care settings, have specific underlying health conditions, or work/live in high risk settings.

Please refer to the CDC website to determine if you are eligible.

In addition to the above criteria it has to have been >6 months since your 2nd Moderna or Pfizer vaccine.

Due to the CDC approving the “mixing and matching” approach, ANYONE (regardless of age, job, underlying medical condition) who received the J/J vaccine > 2 months ago is eligible for the Pfizer or Moderna booster vaccine.

Please call our office to schedule for one of our clinics below.  These clinics will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis.


Saturday 11/13 starting at 8:30 am for Moderna booster vaccine.


Saturday 11/20 starting at 8:30 am for Pfizer first pediatric (5-11) vaccine.


Saturday 11/27 starting at 8:30 am for Pfizer booster vaccine.


Saturday 12/11 for Pfizer second pediatric shot for (5-11) vaccine.


Please have your primary vaccination information including dates of both shots (or single shot for J/J) and how you meet current CDC guidelines for the booster.  Vaccines will not be provided to patients who do not meet CDC guidelines.

As we receive more booster shots we will add future COVID clinics later this year. As the CDC updates their guidelines we will update our patients through email and our website.


The CDC recently approved the Pfizer vaccine for 5-11 year old.

Please use the link below for more information.  If you have any questions regarding your child and the vaccine please schedule with one of our providers who will be happy to answer any questions for you.


Please call our office to schedule for our first pediatric (5-11) Pfizer clinic on Saturday 11/20 starting at 8:30 am.  Patients scheduled for this clinic will also be scheduled for their 2nd shot on Saturday 12/11.