Examples of Included/Excluded Services
Type Description  

Additional Fee?

General Care  Wellness Exams including Well Child & Physicals  No 
Sports Physicals No 
Office Visits No 
Ear Wax Removal No
Skin Tag Removal No
Cryotherapy for warts and certain skin lesions No
In-Office Nebulizer treatments No
Preventive health care No
Same-day / next-day sick visits (based on availability) No
Virtual visits (phone, secure text, video visits) No
Coordination of care No
Forms Completion No
Vaccinations Yes, see Vaccinations above
Complex Care Hypertension Management  No 
Heart Disease Management  No 
Diabetes Management No
Hyperlipidemia (cholesterol) Management  No 
Mental Health/Wellness  No 
Hospital Follow-Up and/or Pre-Op Evaluations  No 
Nutrition & Weight Management Planning  No 
Chronic Disease Care No
Family Planning including IUD placement  Yes, see Family Planning above  
Vasectomy Yes, see Vasectomy above
Allergy medication management No
Sports Medicine/Concussion Evaluation and Treatment No
Fracture Care/Splint/Casting No
Durable Medical Equipment for injuries (boots, braces, etc.) Yes, at cost
Custom orthotics Yes, $150.00
Dry Needling Yes, $50.00 per session
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments  

Yes, 50% discount (minimum interval for same anatomic site is 1 month and subject to approval by Sports Medicine Physician)

Cortisone injections with/without use of ultrasound Yes, 50% discount
Hyaluronic injections Yes, see Hyaluronic injections above
In-Office Diagnostic Ultrasound No
Chronic exertional compartment pressure testing Yes, 50% discount
Minor dermatology (skin tag removal, abscess I&D) No
Mole removal Yes, 50% discount
Laceration repair with sutures Yes, 50% discount
Toenail removal Yes, 50% discount
Stress management and guidance No
Wellness coaching No
Smoking cessation guidance No
Labs Point of Care  In-office Urinalysis  No 
In-office Urine Pregnancy Test  No 
Finger Stick Blood Sugar No
In office Rapid Strep, Mono, Flu, No